USE Septic Drainer for Septic Drain Field Repair

Fixes Failed Drain Fields & Repairs 90% of Septic Problems

Have you been told you needed a new Septic Drain Field? Septic Drainer was designed to prevent and/or fix septic drain field failure.

Did you know:

That’s where Septic Drainer comes in…
With Septic Drainer’s, septic drain field products:

  • There is no need to dig up your old soil and replace it!
  • Septic Drainer will ‘refresh’ your soil, fix drain field problems and repairing failed septic systems
  • You will save $1000’s!

Septic Drainer is a septic tank additive that was developed from an age old remedy that’s been used by farmers for decades. Unlike many other septic products on the market, Septic Drainer is blended with the highest quality ingredients in a completely unique patent pending formula. Read more about Septic Drainer.

Septic Drain Field Products Are Easy To Use!

Septic Drainer products that homeowners, contractors and septic professionals use both to prevent septic drain field problems, and to restore drain and leach fields!

To repair a clogged or failing septic drain field / leach field:

  • Add 4 Gallons of Septic Drainer in the drain field or the drain field side of the tank in the outgoing drain field pipe or in the distribution box.
  • If the drain field is full of debris have it flushed out and then add the septic drain field products evenly in all drain pipes
    *For drywell or cesspool systems, just add all four gallons directly into the drywell or cesspool.

Septic Drainer Really Works!

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from experts and homeowners about Septic Drainer! It really works for drain field repair and for septic drain field maintenance. Check out our Septic Drainer testimonials.