Preventing & Restoring A Failed Septic Drain Field

Have you been told you needed a new Septic Drain Field? Septic Drainer was designed to prevent and to restore failed septic drain fields.

Did you know:

  • Septic Drainer has ingredients that have been used by farmers for 50 years for septic drain field restoration to soil that no longer drains.
  • 90% of septic failures happen in the septic drain fields according to the USEPA.
  • Why septic drain field’s failures happen, septic drain field failure is caused by two things Sodium and Grease which are not related to non-mechanical or design failure issues.


Sodium that comes from our diets, water softeners and cleaning detergents combines with the soil to create Hardpan. Hardpan is an impervious substance that water will no longer penetrate. Farmers have been using Calcium Polysulfide’s to rejuvenate Hardpan soil issues. In the septic environment Calcium Polysulfide’s alone cannot penetrate this organic rich environment so a special blend of surfactants must be blended in order for the Calcium Polysulfide’s to penetrate the organic layer. It’s also important to have the highest grade of Calcium Polysulfide’s as well.



Grease is the second reason for septic drain field failures. Most people confuse Bio-Mat and grease as being one of the same, this incorrect. Grease is caused mainly from our diets, and over time the Biological Health of a system declines due to grease buildup and not having the system pumped every two years. Adding Bio-Septic Boost has been successful in limiting grease buildup in a system. Our research has shown if you don’t add the correct strain of bacteria, chances are you might be throwing your money away. We found a compound developed at the University of Hawaii that increases the reproductive rate of naturally occurring bacteria by millions-fold. Our product, Bio-Septic Boost, includes the original ingredients of that compound.

Understand The Stages of A Failed Septic Drain Field

Systems start out as aerobic bacteria based systems; aerobic meaning the bacteria requires air to flourish. Once the air flow is stopped which is usually because hardpan that forms in the soil. Hardpan is formed from sodium mixing with the soil. This sodium comes from our diets, water softeners and the detergents we use. Once the air stops flowing the aerobic bacteria die off and anaerobic bacteria grow; anaerobic bacteria do not require air to flourish. An Anaerobic Bacteria produces a waste product commonly called Bio-Mat. To treat Bio-Mat you need to introduce air into the system but keep in mind this Bio-Mat is a symptom and not the underlying cause of the drain field failure.

Hardpan is the cause of most failures and can be treated using Septic Drainer.

What Are The Signs of Drain Field Problems?

  • Your system drains very slowly
  • Your septic system backs up
  • You have a smell in your back yard
  • You see wet spots in your yard
  • Your septic pumper tells you water is flowing back into the tank from the drain field.

Did you know according to the USEPA 25% of all septic systems are in failure mode or have already failed? The USEPA says 90% of all septic problems are related to the drain field problems?

Download our Septic Drain Field Restoration guide to see the steps to rejuvenate a drain field system located on the left side of this page.

How to maintain your septic system?
Be sure to have your system pumped and inspected every two years. Have your septic company show you or take a photo of your tank making sure the baffles are in place and working properly.

Septic Drainer is used and recommended by septic professionals across the country and Canada to fix septic system problems. Looking for a professional give us a call 1-518-812-0000.

Septic Drainer is recommended by an insurance company that sells septic insurance called ProSept in Brookfield CT 1-888-354-0607.

Thank you!
Mark A. Reynolds, President/CEO