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Spring Drain Field Maintenance

On Friday, March 20 it will officially be Spring! (Even though the weather may seem to still be that of a winter wonderland in some areas.) In spring we all enjoy an outdoor activity or […]

Septic System Maintenance..Do I Have To?

When it comes to septic system maintenance, you may wonder if you really have to do it. In a word, YES.

Most people don’t give their septic system much thought at all unless they are experiencing […]

Septic Drainer

Septic Drainer recommends having your septic tank, distribution box and field lines pumped and inspected every two to three years. Adding Septic Drainer for drain field failures prevention and Bio-Septic Boost for the biological health […]

Septic Drain Field Maintenance: Septic Drainer Testimonial!

Does Septic Drainer work for septic drain field maintenance?  Our customers consistently provide us with their extraordinary experiences using our product!

Having septic drain issues? Call us at (518) 812-0000 24/7 or order Septic Drainer online […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Everyone has a New Year’s Resolution, right? How about finding the time to finally get to those projects done at home that you’ve been putting off? Or keeping up on maintenance so these […]

Septic System Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Septic System?

You may know where it is in your yard, or basically what it’s for, but how much do you know about your septic system?  Take our Septic System Quiz and see how you score…

True of […]

Happy Holidays

The staff at Septic Drainer wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We hope you share a safe and happy holiday with family and friends.

Wet Spots In Your Yard & Simple Septic System Maintenance

Ever notice there are wet spots in your yard during or after a heavy rain or after your septic system has had a lot of use?

Those wet spots are usually because your septic drain field […]

How Septic Drainer Works – Newly Updated!

Another page on our main site has had a face lift!!

Click here: to view our newly redone “How Septic Drainer Works” Page.

If you were wondering exactly how Septic Drainer Can restore and maintain your septic […]

“Should I Add Chemicals to My Septic System?”

People are wondering if they should add chemicals to their septic system after seeing ads on TV and in magazines. (Some states have an approved list of chemicals available, although just because they have an […]

Septic Drainer Review

Septic Drainer is like Magic in a Bottle! After speaking with Mark Reynolds about his product (Septic Drainer), our company decided to give it a try. In the areas we service, a lot of homeowners have […]

Septic Leach Field Repair

Septic Drain Field Repairs

Smelling Anything But Roses?

The day started off like any other as I took my morning garden tour to check my rose bushes, but a curious smell in the air disrupted my slice of heaven. You didn’t have to […]

Bio-Septic F.O.G.

Food waste grease is a problem for waste professionals worldwide. Grease is considered organic matter and creates blockages and backups in waste collections systems worldwide. These blockages turn into over flows and environmental contamination on […]

Taking Care of Your Septic System

Some people may be reluctant to buy a home that uses a septic system, which is an onsite system to manage household waste. A septic system processes liquid and solid wastes that come from sinks […]

Planting a Septic Drain Field

You may be considering planting some flowers and bushes around the outside of your house, but worries about potentially damaging your septic drain field may keep you from enhancing the beauty of your yard.  If […]

Wet Spots in your yard?

Does your yard have wet spots, does it smell septic? These are the signs of septic failure and should not be ignored. We have seen the commercials on TV showing a septic professional in rubber […]

Septic Drainer helps restore failing septic drain fields

If you use a septic drain field to treat your household’s wastewater, there are a few dreaded comments that you don’t want to hear from a pumping company. One of them is: “You know, your […]

When Green Is Not a Good Thing

You may have noticed that the grass is a little greener these days over your septic drain field.  While having a lush lawn over the septic drain field is often a desirable goal of many […]

Septic Drain Field Problems

Septic Drainer will solve 85% of your drain field failures. Did you know according to the USEPA, 90% of the septic failures are in the drain field? If you could get those odds in Los […]

Septic Maintenance

Septic Drainer recommends having your septic system pumped and inspected every two to three years as part of your ongoing septic maintenance. To further extend the life of your septic system add one of Septic […]

Septic Drain Field Failures

Did you know you may never have to have your septic’s drain field replaced again if you restore your failed septic drain field using Septic Drainer? Septic Drainer can help maintain your system for decades in […]

Septic Drainer

Septic Drainer has restored hundreds of septic drain fields, leach fields and cesspool systems recently. Septic system owners are saving thousands of dollars using Septic Drainer to restore their septic leach field, drain field and cesspool […]

Septic Drainer Really Works! Guaranteed!

Thanks for your interest in Septic Drainer.
Septic Drainer is one of the best Septic Additives and Sewer Cleaners available to eliminate your Septic Tank Problems and help with your Tank Maintenance.  For a limited time […]