Wet Spots in your lawn?

https://youtu.be/KR3CVYCp8ik If you have wet spots in your lawn you may be experiencing septic failure. We would consider this a stage three in a septic system's stage of 1-4 failures. You may see a black slimy substance that's called Bio-Mat. Your system is not 100% failed at stage three but stage four is not far off.  You can restore a system that's even at stage four failure by following our [...]

Septic System Maintenance

Septic Systems have an average year round temperature of 55 degress so the possibility of freezing is remote unless we see an extreme cold temperature drop for an extended period of time. Large amounts of snow pack insulates the ground from a deep freeze. It's important to maintain the biological health of your system, we recommend the use of a bio-stimulant nutrient like Bio-Septic Boost to enhance the natural occurring [...]

Locating Septic Structures

Septi-Marker is a great way to mark your important septic structures for future maintenance work. Septi-Marker is lawn mower safe and for the septic professional a great way to advertise your business. www.septimarker.com or call 1-518-812-0000


Bio-Mat is the black slimmy dirt found over a septic system shown in the photo above. Bio-Mat is a by-product of Anaerobic bacteria that gives off that pungent smell. Bio-Mat is a significant sign of Septic Drain Field Failures but it's not the reason for the failure, learn about the real reason septic systems fail by going to septicdrainer.com Give Septic Drainer a call at 1-518-812-0000

Septic Drain Field Repair Products

Septic Drain Field Repair Products Choosing the right septic drain field repair product is for the correct application is vital. The highest percentage of products sold today don't address the underlying septic drain field problem they are products such as bacteria that work on a symptom of septic drain field failure called Bio-Mat. Bio-Mat is caused when aerobic bacteria turns into anaerobic bacteria because the air flow stops in the [...]

Septic System Treatment: Avoid Disasters with Treatment

A failing septic system can be very annoying because it can cause bad odors and a big mess. Fortunately, septic system treatment can help you avoid such problems. If septic problems have already occurred, prevent it from happening ever again. Order Septic Drainer for septic system treatment and then followup with our annual maintenance program. If you do, you will avoid costly big problems down the road! There are a [...]

The Need for Septic Treatment

Do you need Septic Treatment? Your septic drain field is very important because where the water is cleansed into the water table. If the drain field becomes clogged, it is important for you to start septic treatment with Septic Drainer. This will help get things restored, with the water being properly treated as intended. What are the main Symptoms that you need Septic Treatment? It can be tough to diagnose [...]

Flooded Leach Field And Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Repairs

One of the worst scenarios is when you wake up to the sight and smell of a flooded leach field or flooded septic field. You may be the type of person who normally (like the rest of us) put off septic repairs as long as possible. Well here are 3 reasons why you do not want to ignore a flooded leach field or flooded septic field. Failure is an option- [...]