6 Common Septic Drain Field Problems

With so many things that can cause septic drain field problems, and to avoid septic drain field repair, the best course of action when you suspect septic problems is to properly clean and maintain your drain field with Septic Drainer. Here are just a few septic drain field repair issues that could be disrupting your septic system:



How Often Do You Need Septic System Maintenance?

Like everything else, if you don’t keep up with routine maintenance, before long, your septic system will require expensive repairs or even need to be replaced entirely. In order for their septic systems to stay healthy over the lifetime of the home, homeowners should be sure to properly maintain their systems and septic drain fields.

But how often should septic pumping and other septic tank maintenance be done?  The answer will […]

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Tips To Keep Your Septic Drain Field In Good Repair

The drain field is probably the most important parts of any septic system. As the final destination during the wastewater treatment process, the drain field is responsible for treating effluent from the septic system and eventually absorbing it into the soil. In most cases, drain fields are designed to last from 25 to 30 years.

If you want to make sure your septic drain field lasts this long and you don’t […]

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Top 4 Signs You Need Septic Drain Field Repair

Your septic system is responsible for collecting wastewater from your home and eventually releasing it out into the property’s drain field. 90% of septic system problems are caused by problems with the drain field. Here are a few common signs to watch out for:

Water flooding in yard—When you need septic drain field repair, water can pool up in certain places throughout your yard. Although this may occur near your drain field […]

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Spring Drain Field Maintenance

On Friday, March 20 it will officially be Spring! (Even though the weather may seem to still be that of a winter wonderland in some areas.) In spring we all enjoy an outdoor activity or two: going for walks, biking, hiking, prepping our gardens for planting beautiful flowers or delicious fruits and veggies, breaking out the patio furniture along with the outdoor grill and taking control of your outdoor oasis again […]

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Septic System Maintenance..Do I Have To?

When it comes to septic system maintenance, you may wonder if you really have to do it. In a word, YES.

Most people don’t give their septic system much thought at all unless they are experiencing a problem. But why wait for a problem when you can maintain your septic system so easily? Septic systems of every kind: conventional systems, dry well systems, cesspools or mound, can fail at any given […]

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Septic Drainer

Septic Drainer recommends having your septic tank, distribution box and field lines pumped and inspected every two to three years. Adding Septic Drainer for drain field failures prevention and Bio-Septic Boost for the biological health of system goes a long way in protecting your system.

Learn more about your septic system, and why Septic Drainer can help!

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Septic Drain Field Maintenance: Septic Drainer Testimonial!

Does Septic Drainer work for septic drain field maintenance?  Our customers consistently provide us with their extraordinary experiences using our product!

Having septic drain issues? Call us at (518) 812-0000 24/7 or order Septic Drainer online today!

Here is a  recent testimonial from another satisfied Septic Drainer customer:

“Septic Drainer is like Magic in a Bottle! After speaking with Mark Reynolds about his product (Septic Drainer), our company decided to give it a try. […]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Everyone has a New Year’s Resolution, right? How about finding the time to finally get to those projects done at home that you’ve been putting off? Or keeping up on maintenance so these projects don’t keep adding up? Well, there is one system that is CRUCIAL to the daily operations of any household… your septic system. Most of the time we don’t even think about our septic systems […]

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Septic System Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Septic System?

You may know where it is in your yard, or basically what it’s for, but how much do you know about your septic system?  Take our Septic System Quiz and see how you score…

True of False:

If you fail to maintain your system, failure is guaranteed.

TRUE: Like every other part of your home or business, septic system maintenance is key to keeping your system healthy and functioning efficiently!

90% of septic failures […]

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