Septic System Information 

Septic system wastewater treatment system's  facts, most people who own septic systems understand that as soon as you flush your toilet the waste goes away and that is the extent of their understanding. What's happens to your waste once you flush? 1) Your waste passes through a trap if your system is plumbed properly. A trap is a device that allows water and solids to pass through it leaving water [...]

Septic System Do’s and Dont’s

If you live in rural America you've heard about septic systems or at least I hope you have? A couple of things you need to know; 1) The location of your system  2) The type of system you have 3) An understanding of how a system works 4) Accurate maintenance records Many folks have questions like; 1) How often should you pump your system? Every Two Years is good rule [...]

Septic Drain Field Wet Spots

Septic system's fail long before you ever see it or notice anything is wrong. Septic Drain Fields come in many shapes and sizes, to better understand the type of system you have, try visiting Septic Drainer for great illustrations on the types of septic drain fields you have. If you notice wet spots in your lawn, that would be the third or forth stage out of four in your septic drain field [...]

Septic Drain Field Repair

According to the US EPA 90% of septic failure happens in the septic's drain field, that's pretty interesting stats when you consider 99% of the products sold today do very little for the largest reason a septic system's drain field's fail, the reason is "hard pan soil conditions". Septic drain field failures started to increase after the Clean Air Act of the 1970's which reduced sulfur omissions, it's sulfur that [...]

Regular Septic Maintenance

Hey Mark Reynolds here to talk about your septic system. Four things to consider with winter coming. Don't end up like your neighbors having their lawn dug up to replace a failed system or worse yet living on lake having to install a holding tank to be pumped. 1. Pump your tank every two years, pump out your tank and drain field every five years  2. Keep your drain field [...]

How often should you have your septic pumped?

There are many opinions associated with this question, I am in agreement with the theory of having your system pumped every two years. I would even go so far as to recommend that you have your drain field lines and D box flushed and vacuumed ever five years. It's important to inspect the parts of your tank such as the baffles and the condition of the tank including the covers. [...]