Septic System Treatment: Avoid Disasters with Treatment

A failing septic system can be very annoying because it can cause bad odors and a big mess. Fortunately, septic system treatment can help you avoid such problems. If septic problems have already occurred, prevent it from happening ever again. Order Septic Drainer for septic system treatment and then followup with our annual maintenance program. If you do, you will avoid costly big problems down the road!

There are a number […]

The Need for Septic Treatment

Do you need Septic Treatment? Your septic drain field is very important because where the water is cleansed into the water table. If the drain field becomes clogged, it is important for you to start septic treatment with Septic Drainer. This will help get things restored, with the water being properly treated as intended.

What are the main Symptoms that you need Septic Treatment?

It can be tough to diagnose a septic […]

Flooded Leach Field And Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Repairs

One of the worst scenarios is when you wake up to the sight and smell of a flooded leach field or flooded septic field. You may be the type of person who normally (like the rest of us) put off septic repairs as long as possible. Well here are 3 reasons why you do not want to ignore a flooded leach field or flooded septic field.

Failure is an option- […]

Do You Need Septic System Treatment?

Your septic system is responsible for the treatment of wastewater from your home. Think you need septic system treatment or repair but aren’t quite sure? Here are 4 symptoms that you do:

Water —When you need septic system treatment you might start to see water  pool up in certain places of your yard. Typically this happens near your drain field and tank, but this flooding can happen anywhere.
Slow Drains—Drains […]

Septic System Maintenance + The Kitchen

When it comes to septic system maintenance, you know you need to get your tank pumped regularly and you know that your system inspected and maintained with Septic Drainer’s Maintenance Kit on a regular basis. But instead of looking at your system in terms of maintaining it in reverse… you might want to start at the top of the system… in this case, the kitchen!

Use a Strainer –
If your […]

Septic System Maintenance: Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal will grind up just about anything that could be harmful to your septic drain field and system before it goes down the drain, right? Well, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Even though a garbage disposal does take kitchen bits and turns them into smaller pieces, these little bits and pieces can add up over time and clog a septic tank and a septic drain field.

So What […]

New Homeowners: Avoid Septic Repair, Inspect Your New Home’s System

New homeowners, as you get ready to buy a new house, you are going to be inundated with things to do before moving in. Although your to-do list might be very long, it’s important that you also have your property’s septic system inspected before signing and purchasing the house.

Septic system problems can be nearly undetectable and get worse, slowly over time. That is why the current owner of the home […]

Is Pumping A Septic System Important?

Short answer, YES! When the waste water exits your home, it works its way through the septic drain pipes and into your septic tank. Here, the solid waste settles at the bottom, the lighter oils and fats float and settle on top. In the middle, a clear layer of liquid settles. This liquid center layer flows out of your septic tank and into your septic drain field, but the solid […]

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Septic Drain Field Maintenance Is The Key To Septic System Longevity

Your septic drain field is the most important part of a septic system. This is the final spot during the wastewater treatment process, the drain field treats the waste from the septic system and eventually absorbing it into the ground. Septic drain fields should be able to last anywhere from 25 to 35 years. Want to make sure your drain field lasts this long? Then you need to know what […]

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How Septic Drain Field Repair Can Literally Save You Thousands

Septic systems are a great option for a home. But, if any part of the septic system stops working, the result is often a plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention. The system can become clogged and the septic drain field can fail. This is common if too much water is running through the septic tank at all times, since the walls never get the chance to dry. Due to the […]

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