Septic System Tips – The Do’s and Don’ts

If you live in rural America, you've probably heard about septic systems. In addition here are some septic system tips and other useful things you need to know: 1) The location of your system. 2) The type of system you have. 3) An understanding of how a system works. 4) Accurate maintenance records. Many folks have questions like: 1) How often should you pump your system? Every two years is [...]

Regular Septic Maintenance With Septic Drainer

Hey, it's Mark Reynolds here to talk about your septic system and the importance of regular septic maintenance. Don't end up like your neighbors, having their lawn dug up to replace a failed system, or worse yet, living on a lake and having to install a holding tank to be pumped. There are four things to consider with winter coming: 1. Pump your tank every two years and pump out [...]

How Often Should You Have Your Septic System Pumped?

There are many opinions regarding this question. I am in agreement with the theory of having your septic system pumped every two years. I would even go so far as to recommend that you have your drain field lines and distribution box flushed and vacuumed ever five years. The extra prevention and maintenance goes a long way toward saving you money down the road. It's also important to inspect the [...]

Natural Septic System Maintenance With Bio-Septic Boost

There are some effective, simple solutions out there for natural septic system maintenance. Here are some suggestions to ensure peak performance, as well as dependability. It's important to maintain the biological health of your system. We recommend the use of a bio-stimulant nutrient, like Bio-Septic Boost, to enhance the natural occurring bacteria or to enhance a store-purchased bacteria. Bacteria does not reproduce on its own. Adding a bio-stimulant nutrient like [...]

Flooded Leach Fields And Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Repairs

One of the worst scenarios is waking up to the sight and smell of flooded leach fields or flooded septic fields. You may be the type of person who normally (like the rest of us) puts off septic repairs as long as possible. Well, here are three reasons why you do not want to ignore flooded leach fields or flooded septic fields: Failure is an option. The biggest reason why [...]

Your Kitchen and Septic System: How They Are Linked

When it comes to septic system maintenance, you know you need to get your tank pumped regularly and you know that your system should be inspected and maintained with Septic Drainer's Maintenance Kit on a regular basis. But instead of looking at your system in terms of maintaining it in reverse, you might want to start at the top of the this case, the kitchen! It turns out, your [...]

Garbage Disposals and Septic Systems – Maintenance Tips

A garbage disposal will grind up just about anything that could be harmful to your septic drain field and system before it goes down the drain, right? Well, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Even though a garbage disposal does take kitchen bits and turns them into smaller pieces, these little bits and pieces can add up over time and clog a septic tank and septic drain field. What follows [...]

New Homeowner Septic Tips: Inspect Your Home’s Septic System

New homeowners getting ready to buy a new house are inundated with things to do before moving in. It’s important to have your property's septic system inspected before purchasing the house. Here are some new homeowner septic tips that may help. Septic system problems can be nearly undetectable and get worse, slowly over time. The current owner of the home may not know that their septic system could benefit from [...]

Septic System Maintenance Tips: How To Keep Yours Running For Years

Customers are always asking us for septic system maintenance tips, and we always tell them to start with the drain field. The purpose of drain fields is to remove impurities and contaminants from the liquid that emerges from septic tanks. Over time, your drain field area might not do its job properly. To break up the sodium and rejuvenate the soil absorption system, special cleaning may be needed. First, the [...]

Drain Field Maintenance: The Do’s and Don’ts

Septic Drainer has listed the following Do's and Don'ts for when it comes to proper septic system and septic drain field maintenance: DOs: Spread your laundry out over the course of a week, rather than washing many loads in a single day. Use water-saving shower heads Use low-flush toilets. Make a record of where the important parts of your septic system are located for future maintenance: Use our Septi-Marker. Have [...]