Does your yard have lawn wet spots, or does it smell septic? These are the signs of septic failure and should not be ignored.

We have seen the commercials on TV showing a septic professional in rubber boots standing in a wet, muddy septic-filled backyard, selling a bacteria product. With the amount of bacteria sold today — around $60 million worth — you would think failed septic systems would be a thing of the past. The truth is, bacteria does very little for a drain field, or those awful lawn wet spots.

The real problem is sodium. When sodium mixes with the soil, hardpan is created. Once this happens, water does not drain properly in your drain field. Septic Drainer is a non-toxic, non-hazardous product that cleans the soil of sodium, allowing your drain field to drain properly.

It’s easy: Just have your system — which includes the distribution box — pumped and inspected. Add four gallons of Septic Drainer to the outgoing drain pipe closest to the drain field. This prevents dilution in the septic tank or in the distribution box, pouring the product evenly in each drain line.

It’s that simple, for around $100 plus shipping. Septic Drainer’s success rate is 85%. It’s worth a try before spending thousands of dollars on a new drain field. Check out

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