Spetic Drainer: System PumpingShort answer: YES! Regular septic system pumping is one of the most important maintenance steps you can take to save thousands in repairs.

When wastewater exits your home, it works its way through the septic drain pipes and into your septic tank. Here, the solid waste settles at the bottom, the lighter oils and fats float and settle on top. In the middle, a clear layer of liquid settles. This liquid center layer flows out of your septic tank and into your septic drain field, but the solid waste normally will stay in the septic tank.

As time goes by, the solid waste in the septic tank will grow in size, until there isn’t any more room for the wastewater to flow. To prevent that sewage backup from occurring, it’s critical that you have the septic system pumped on a regular basis.

Typically, have septic system pumping done every three to five years. Other factors can affect how often you would need to have the system pumped out, though, including the number of people living in your house, how large the septic tank is and the volume of water you use.

If your septic tank doesn’t get pumped out regularly, it won’t be able to receive any more waste from your home and you might end up with a serious septic system problem. That’s why it’s important to perform this maintenance regularly.

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