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Restoring your septic system with Septic Drainer

Maybe you’ve noticed slow drainage, smells or wet spots on your lawn that have you concerned that your system is failing.

Maybe you’ve even been told your septic system needs replacing (and were quoted anywhere from $4000-$30,000!) and now you’re wondering if there is a better option available to you.

A quick search on Google reveals a huge selection of products that claim amazing results but it’s difficult to know which are worth trying and which are not.

Let’s start by discussing what septic failure is caused by.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that 90% of septic failure is caused by the drain field.

This means…

  • It’s not the septic tank
  • It’s not the bacteria/enzymes inside the tank
  • It’s not the distribution box
  • It’s not ANY of the septic system hardware

It’s a failure of the drain field itself.

So how does this happen?

A healthy drain field should allow waste water to filter down through the earth below it. The gravel and earth that the waste water passes through purifies it and all that’s left at the end is clean water.

But our current lifestyle has introduced large amounts of sodium to our waste systems.

It comes from our diets, from water softeners and from household laundry soaps and detergents we use.

Sodium + soil is bad.

It’s bad because sodium naturally binds with the soil to create what is called hardpan – an impenetrable layer of rock-like earth that prevents your waste water from filtering downwards.

It’s like trying to drip your coffee through a latex glove – the water you put in has nowhere to go except for back up, into your system.

So you get the odors, the slow drainage, the wet lawn.

Unlike other septic products, Septic Drainer is formulated to dissolve Hardpan Soil(that hard layer that’s formed when sodium and soil combine) our Product Bio-Septic Boost takes care of Bio-Mat to allow your system to flow again.

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Is Bio-mat the problem?

You may have seen literature around or been told that the problem with your drainage is a material called Bio-mat.

But what is Bio-mat?

Bio-mat is a thick, sludgy layer that forms around drain pipes and inhibits proper drainage.

When your drain field has developed a layer of hardpan, the soil can no longer “breathe”. Wastewater and air can no longer flow and the bacteria that live in and sustain your septic system can no longer thrive.

This kind of environment is the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria which are harmful to your system. When these anaerobic bacteria have taken over, you’ll find bio-mat present in your field.

Bio-mat is a build up of waste from harmful bacteria.

But just treating the bio-mat is only addressing the symptom, not the root cause, because…

Bio-mat is a symptom caused by hardpan soil.

We created Bio-Septic Boost to address the bio-mat in your field and Septic Drainer to dissolve the hardpan soil that causes the problem in the first place.

Your drain field restoration kit includes Bio-Septic boost to cut through and dissolve the bio-mat build-up and comes with gallons of Septic Drainer, to resolve the root cause so that the bio-mat doesn’t return.

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