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Frank Shaw - Morningstar Excavating and Septic - Gansevoort, NY

The system that was in question was a dry well, and it was in complete failure.

It (Septic Drainer) was used on the dry well and we were doing the pumping for the customer, and we were monitoring it. All at once we didn't get any more calls on pumping. Because it was working!

We've looked at a lot of different products over the years and we've never seen anything that compares to Septic Drainer.

Frank Shaw   
President - Morningstar Excavating and Septic   
Gansevoort, NY   

Tom O'Brien - Garden Homes Management - Stamford, CT

We're pumping a couple septics it seems like every month.

We went by the directions we brought in a contractor, we pumped the problem septics out, the leech fields weren't working on both of them.

We put the product in, I don't know how it works or why it works, but it seemes to work.

Tom O'Brien  
Garden Homes Management  
Stamford, CT  

Jay Araujo - Jay's Septic - Martha's Vineyard, MA

I was surfing the internet to find a product to help my customes and thought I would give Septic Drainer a try. 

I bought a case and tried it on a customer.

He called me the next day and said the level of the water in his leaching tank had gone down 3 feet overnight.

Jay Araujo  
President - Jay's Septic  
Martha's Vineyard, MA  

Scott A. Bailey - Bailey’s Inspection Services, Inc. - Reading, PA

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to install a new septic system we were able to restore the existing one!

As a Septic Inspector / Pumper we often encounter failed septic systems. I have tried several after market products designed to treat and restore failed drain fields. After meeting with Mark I decided to give Septic Drainer a chance.

The very first time I used the product I was very pleased. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to install a new septic system we were able to restore the existing one. I expect with regular applications of the Septic Drainer the system will serve the homeowner for a very long time.

Scott A. Bailey  
President - Bailey’s Inspection Services, Inc.  
Reading, PA  

Scott Fick - Comercial Division, Paul W. Essig, Inc. - Reading, PA

We used to use a lot of caustics sodas and things like that. I can tell you stories about how it ate guys boots apart and it was very bad for our employees to be using those toxic products...

Septic drainer and bio septic boost are non-toxic which is environmentally friendly and its better for our guys to use and better for our customers.

We are in some areas around here in Birch County Pennsylvania where we can’t put in a standard drain field system anymore or we can’t replace what the people have... and we might not perk for a sand bound or above grade system.

So its in our best interest to try to help the people restore their existing drain field and get it working again. Without having to go through the trouble of trying to install a new system that we might not even be able to put in...

...Septic Drainer Really Works!

Scott Fick
GM - Comercial Division, Paul W. Essig, Inc.  
Reading, PA  

Perry Songer - Songer Plumbing - Montgomery, NY

We have tried other methods, Enzymes and that didnt work so we used septic drainer and it worked for us...

Then we went and did another person that had a cesspool.. and we were going to have to dig that up also because that was over 50 years of being a cesspool at a farm location...

...and we used that(septic drainer), he was happy and that was a 1 1/2 years ago no problems on either location so far.

So we are a firm believer on that. It does work for us and we sell it vigorously to help save our clients money so they do not have to have their leech fields replaced.

Our belief do the best job we can for our customers at the lowest possible price and I think Septic Drainer does that for our clients.

Perry Songer P.K. Songer Plumbing  
Montgomery, NY  

John Pulaski - DDD Sewer & Septic - Southington, CT

We were looking for a product to offer our customers: A better way to treat their septic system.

On the internet we found septic drainer, we looked at the website and decided to give it a try. After using septic drainer and waiting for a period of time, after we jetted out the line and cleaned out the d box and did our dead fault. We found that the drainage pipes themselves actually stayed cleaner than using regular baking soda and vinegar and alternative other products that would be caustic and be dangerous and change ph. levels in the system.

Most of the time it is unnecessary to dig up and replace the whole system and sand in the field when we found septic drainer would revitalize and clean the salts out of the sand and allow for proper drainage of the drain / leach fields.

There have been several customers that wanted to give us a bonus check for saving them thousands of dollars when they found out that we could use an alternative method of treating the soil in the pipes instead of putting in an expensive engineered system. Septic Drainer.. it really works!

John Pulaski, DDD Sewer & Septic  
Southington, CT  

Ted Vogel - Granville, NY

We had a real problem here because of the high water level. In the spring time and when it rains, it raises up to about 5 or 6 feet underneath the surface and it completely plugged our dry well out here.

I think the system was built in 1972 so that would make it about 50 years old.

The year before I used it (Septic Drainer), I had the system pumped 3 times... at about $400 a wack it got pretty expensive.

And I was facing digging the whole system up for $5,000 - $6,000 and having the whole thing rebuilt and repaired, ground opened up, etc...

I had a friend who was pumping it and put me in touch with this product. He came here, used it... I think it took a little more than they thought because we were really really plugged.

But in the time once it cleared up. It was gone completely.

I had it pumped again last month. That was 4 years ago(Septic Drainer was added). I haven’t pumped that system in 4 years..!

Septic Drainer just completely opened up my ground and it just worked great for us.

Buy it. If you've got a problem: Use it..!

Ted Vogel  
Home Owner, Granville NY  

Chris Lanoue - A.D.C. Septic - Blackstone, MA

The Septic Drainer Product Has Been Incredible. It's been able to restore the drain fields for me and make failed systems work..!

The drain fields that are failing, Septic Drainer allows their system to work again. It's almost a miracle product that I’ve been experiencing. Every Drain Field I've used to restore has worked… and it actually meets todays title 5 requirements in the state of Massachusetts based on the outcome of the product.

The client’s response when I tell them there's a product out there that can restore their drain field, at first they are skeptical saying: "Noo, we have to replace it..."

A prime example: A client called me and they wanted an estimate to replace their drain field and I said "Why? We can restore this"…

…and she was dead set against restoring...she wanted to replace it… which was for a price of over $18,000 dollars!

At that point, I talked her into letting me use Septic Drainer. And for the small cost, it saved her thousands and thousands of dollars.

No disruption of the property and to this day, over a year later the system is working the way it was designed to work. Septic Drainer Really Works..!

Chris Lanoue, A.D.C. Septic  
Blackstone, MA  

David Rogge - RDDC Development Corp. - South Glens Falls, NY

We came across Septic Drainer when the salesman actually came to our door and said "Do you have Septic Tanks or are you city sewers?"

We replied that we’re septic tanks, over 120 of them with leach pits.

He then said “Well I've got a product that will keep your leach pits running for you”…

...and I said “Ok... Yea I’ve heard that before.” So he said “Well here let’s try some.”

I said: Well jeez we have one that’s bad, and we went out and we tried it… and It Worked..!

I was pleasantly surprised! So we're changing the way we do things here.

Instead of a routine pump or having to dig them up and replace them… We add the product, the Septic Drainer, and then monitor it to see how the product is working.

We have been using it for 2 years now and we haven’t had any problems and everything’s really great. We're liking it!

With a rental community like we have, obviously our income is set by the rentals. So it's not like were going out and generating more income. What we have to watch is what we have to spend on maintenance.

But this has cut our maintenance back, so we get to keep more of our money that is generated. Septic Drainer, It Really Works..!

David Rogge, RDDC Development Corp.  
So. Glens Falls, NY  

Emily Edwards - ABA Well and Septic Service

Septic Drainer is like Magic in a Bottle!  After speaking with Mark Reynolds about his product (Septic Drainer), our company decided to give it a try. In the areas we service, a lot of homeowners have septic system problems especially during this time of year. We recently had a system that we did not feel confident that we could effectively restore. Much to our surprise, Septic Drainer did the job. It was like magic in a bottle. We were using Septic Seep as our drainfield restorative and had success but not as much success as with Septic Drainer. Septic Drainer - ABA Septic

This product is unbelievable. We will never use any other product. We are officially lifetime customers. Mr. Reynolds ability to market his product with full confidence of its effectiveness sold me after one conversation. Buying Septic Drainer was the best decision we have made in a long time.

Emily Edwards, Office Manager
ABA Well & Septic Service

M. Miller - Moreau, NY

"When my system backed up my septic pumping company told me my wet well has failed. They suggested I try Septic Drainer because replacing the system would be expensive and because the septic pumping company highly recommended Septic Drainer I thought what to heck let’s give it a try. It s been 14 months with no backups!
Septic Drainer is a great product!"

M. Miller  
Moreau, NY  

R. Cole - Gansevoort, NY

"I called the owner to let him know the septic was backing up, and the owner scheduled a local company to pump the tank. While the tank was being pumped the pumper noticed wastewater was flowing back into tank from the dry well, he then told me the system was not draining. The owner found Septic Drainer and decided to give it a try and that was 1.5 years ago with no problems."

"I would recommend Septic Drainer, it’s cheaper to try than a $ 4,000.00 replacement costs."

R. Cole  
Gansevoort, NY  

T. Smith - Granville, NY

"Our septic system needed to be pumped twice a year and sometimes three times a year so my septic pumping company recommended we try Septic Drainer so we said what the hell let’s give it a try...

We tried Septic Drainer and at first the water level did not go down so we added some more. Well that was three years ago without any further pumping. Wonder product, I would recommend if your system has failed because of soil failure, give it a try."

T. Smith  
Granville, NY  

Scott - Clearwater Florida

After speaking with Mark I ordered a case of Septic Drainer as my local company just advised me to empty the tank.

I own rental house with septic tank and used your product on my system which was draining slow. Since I started using your product about 8 months ago, I no longer have any issues with my drain field, clogging pipes or grease build up.

Many people don't understand that draining your system actually makes it worse as the bacteria that breaks the solids down has to start from scratch! The system just needs some help sometimes and your product was amazing! Its been 8+ months now with NO BACKUPS and no calls from the renters.
You have earned customer for life!

Clearwater, Florida  


Serra Septic Solutions in Alberta, Canada has rejuvenated four failed drain systems since first buying the product and is also selling it to his current customers to prevent future failures.


Empire Septic from Granville, NY was the very first customer to try Septic Drainer on system in Middle Granville, NY is owned by a retired couple on a fixed income who needed their system pumped every few months and after adding Septic Drainer five years ago they have had zero troubles to date.


PW Essiq Plumbing in Reading, PA has rejuvenated at least twenty five systems this past season using Septic Drainer. Scott Fick has been looking for a product that’s works on a failed septic system and discovered Septic Drainer at the International Pumpers Show in Louisville, KY this past winter.

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