What causes Bio-mat

Conventional Septic System Illustration

Let’s start by understanding the two types of bacteria and why

Aerobic Bacteria is bacteria that grows with oxygen.

Aerobic Bacteria aspirates its waste in the form of CO2.

Anaerobic Bacteria is bacteria that lives under water.

Anaerobic Bacteria secretes its waste as organic material called Bio-mat.

When oxygen in the soil is depleted Hard Pan Soil forms and causes Bio-mat to form as well

Bio-mat is a symptom of Drain Field Failure. But it is not the reason they fail.

Getting rid of bio-mat will help in restoring drainage in your field after the hard-pan soil is addressed.

How do you get rid of Bio-mat?

Anaerobic Bacteria consumes bio-mat.

Restore airflow by opening the soil with Septic Drainer and adding the correct strain of Aerobic Bacteria.

Septic Field Repair

We choose to play it safe by adding our bio-stimulant nutrient called Bio-Septic Boost.

Bio-septic boost is a bio-stimulant nutrient that is an all-natural compound made from Kelp. The research has shown that Kelp enhances the activity level of bacteria by as much as 50%.

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