Build a drain field gardenIf you have a septic system and drain field, you may feel like your septic drain field is a necessary waste of space, especially if you have a limited yard size. However, planting a garden on this area can not only improve the appearance of this space, but it can also help your septic drain system work at its highest capacity, by getting rid of the organics and soils that may be present in your field.

Instead of looking out your window at an empty drain field, why not turn your drain field into a beautiful garden, in two easy steps?

  1. Pick out what type of plants you want to add. Shallow-rooted plants and shrubs are the best options when you are designing your landscape for this area. Consider using turf grass, flowering perennials and annuals, and other types of herbaceous plants that have minimum root depth and only require a little water to grow and flourish. You can also try a raised box garden if you need a little more depth.
  2. Now that you have your plants picked out, you will want to proceed carefully. When you are preparing the area to plant, remove the soil with caution. Try planting a few sample plants at a time to see how they work on your drain field before planting on the whole thing.

If you thought that planting on your drain field was going to be difficult, it’s really as simple as these two steps.

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