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Your Kitchen and Septic System: How They Are Linked

When it comes to septic system maintenance, you know you need to get your tank pumped regularly and you know that your system should be inspected and maintained with Septic Drainer’s Maintenance Kit on a regular basis. But instead of looking at your system in terms of maintaining it in reverse, you might want to start at the top of the system…in this case, the kitchen! It turns out, your …

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Winter Septic Treatments: Recommended Schedule

Hey folks, it’s Mark Reynolds from Septic Drainer here, to talk about winter septic treatments. The internet at times is a great resource for information. It’s like a 24/7 “how’s it made show,” and for us information junkies, it’s pretty cool. So with that in mind, we’re proud to be a source of information on all things related to septic systems. Your septic system remains at an average temperature of …

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What’s The Most Expensive Home Repair?

Household repairs, septic problems

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