What Septic Drainer is Not

Septic Drainer is NOT an Enzyme or Aerobic Bacteria

You see, when your septic drain and leach field percolates correctly, bacteria will flourish all on their own. Adding bacteria to “boost” your septic system can help after opening up the system using Septic Drainer.

Think about it for a moment: If your system is currently “flooded,” meaning water cannot escape the drain and leach field because hardpan soil has “glued up” all the soil around your drainage pipes, what good would adding more aerobic (requiring air to live) bacteria to your system do? If your system cannot currently support life, aren’t you just sending in all those new living bacteria to drown and die?

Septic Drainer is NOT About Pumping Air Into the System

The real problem is water drainage in the drain and leach field. Putting an aerator inside your septic tank doesn’t address that problem.

Another way to get air into the drain field is through a mechanical aeration process called Terra-lift, which is a large machine with long skinny metal rods that poke into the ground, commonly used for putting greens on golf courses. This can help restore the flow to some drain fields by fracturing the soil to create new drainage paths. Ultimately, this is a very costly method to “band-aid” the real problem.

Fix the problem the first time with Septic Drainer. For hundreds if not thousands of dollars less, you can avoid the hassle and damage to your property that comes with using large machinery or hiring a crew to come tear up your yard. Septic Drainer is a vital septic repair product.

Septic Drainer is NOT A Caustic Chemical

As we have discussed, Septic Drainer was based on an agricultural formulation farmers use to treat their crop soil. In other words, this has to be 100% non-toxic, because it is used on the soil around the food we eat everyday!

Liquid gypsum drives the sodium out of the soil by breaking the bonds between sodium and soil on a molecular level.
Once added, sodium (salt) is driven out of the system and deeper into the soil, away from the drain and leach field.

  • Septic Drainer breaks the bond between sodium and the soil. When the soil is healthy, aerobic bacteria can flourish and remove dangerous organisms from the effluent before it seeps back into the ground water supply.
  • It ensures your septic system will operate efficiently, by allowing wastewater to percolate through the soil into the septic drain field.
  • It should not be confused with other bacteria-based products on the market that are used on solids in your septic tank. Most septic system problems occur in the septic drain field, not in the septic tank. For more on bacteria maintenance, check out our product Bio-Septic Boost.
  • It is a non-toxic and environmentally safe septic tank cleaner that will safeguard the health of your septic drain field or rejuvenate a failing one.

Get started now using Septic Drainer!