Our Money-Back Guarantee To You!

RCS II Inc. will partner with our customers with a Money Back Guarantee provided our customers follow these instructions:

1) Customer must purchase*:
Septic Drainer 4 gals
Bio-Septic Boost 1 Quart
Septi-Marker 1

SKU: septicdrainfieldrepair
*Customer must apply as recommended

2) Customer must provide proof of a paid receipt showing they have had their septic tank, septic drain field pumped and flushed out with a hydro flusher.

3) Customer must purchase within six months of the 1st order*:
Septic Drainer 2 gallons
Bio-Septic Boost 1 Quart

SKU: septicdrainfieldmaintenance
*Customer must apply as recommended

After 13 full months, if customer’s drain field is not restored to some capacity and only if the drain field system has to be replaced RCS II Inc will refund the purchase price of the product less shipping and handling.

4) Replacement Receipt – Customer must send us a copy of a replacement municipal septic replacement permit complete with drawings and a paid detailed receipt from the installation contractor.

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