New homeowners getting ready to buy a new house are inundated with things to do before moving in. It’s important to have your property’s septic system inspected before purchasing the house. Here are some new homeowner septic tips that may help.

Septic system problems can be nearly undetectable and get worse, slowly over time. The current owner of the home may not know that their septic system could benefit from septic drain field repair. If you move in without completing the septic system repair process, you may end up with a problematic septic system requiring costly repairs.

Ensure that the need for septic system repair is taken care of before you move in. One of our most important new homeowner septic tips is to have a septic pro come and take a look at your entire system. They should inspect the septic tank, outlet pipes, distribution box, drain field and other components. Being cautious about your new home’s potential septic system problems could just save you thousands in repairs down the road.

And of course, once you do move in to your new home, be sure to keep your septic system running smoothly with Septic Drainer and Bio-Septic Boost! Both products are essential parts of our total care package.