Hey folks, it’s Mark Reynolds, here to talk about the last stage of septic system failure. Hopefully, you’ll never need to recognize the signs of a failed drain field, but if it happens, identifying the problem as quickly as possible is essential.

The last stage of septic system failure is when the rotting sewage creates hydrogen sulfide gas which erodes concrete. That’s why you’ll often see an eroded distribution box when you dig up a failed system.

It is a widely know fact that the rotting sewage that creates Hydrogen Sulfide gases erodes concrete Distribution boxes and Septic Tanks.

Today, distribution boxes and septic tanks are made out of plastic, so if you find your distribution box eroded, just replace it, flush out your drain pipes and add four gallons of Septic Drainer evenly in your drain lines. Septic Drainer is a soil conditioner that opens soil that no longer drains. To learn more go to www.septicdrainer.com

Steps to Take

Keeping your system’s biological processes healthy is achieved using our Bio-Septic Boost. Bio-Septic Boost is an all-natural compound that stimulates the biological activity of natural bacteria by 30%-40%.

We recommend to maintain your septic system is to have your entire system pumped and inspected. Call or email your professional today to get on their schedule. Be sure to ask upfront for a written report with photos of all your structures.

To learn more about Bio-Septic Boost, visit its dedicated product website.