Septic systems are essential for managing waste in many homes, predominantly rural areas. However, these systems are not without their problems. One of the most common issues homeowners face is the failure of the septic drain field. Fortunately, innovative methods for fixing septic drain field problems are available, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Understanding Septic Drain Field Issues

A septic drain or leach field is a critical septic system component. It comprises a network of perforated pipes in trenches filled with gravel or similar materials. Wastewater from the septic tank flows into these pipes and seeps into the surrounding soil, where it is naturally filtered and treated. Over time, various factors can cause this system to fail, necessitating drain field repair.

Septic drain field failure can manifest in several ways, such as slow drains, foul odors, or wet spots on the lawn. These symptoms often indicate that the soil around the drain field has become clogged or compacted, preventing proper wastewater absorption.

Common Causes of Septic Drain Field Failure

Understanding the causes of septic drain field failure is essential for effective repair. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that 90% of septic failures occur in the drain field. The primary reasons for these failures include:

  1. Sodium Buildup: Sodium in household products can accumulate in the drain field, leading to soil binding and reduced permeability. This condition is known as hard-pan soil.
  2. Organic Overloading: Excessive organic matter from wastewater can create a layer of bio-mat, a slimy layer of bacteria and organic material that clogs the soil’s pores.

Advanced Techniques for Fixing Septic Drain Field Problems

Addressing septic drain field issues requires advanced techniques and products to rejuvenate the soil and restore proper drainage. One of the most effective solutions is the use of Septic Drainer, a product developed by RCS II, Inc. that has been proven to prevent and fix various septic problems.

How Septic Drainer Works?

Septic Drainer is a septic drain field preservative that refreshes the soil and addresses hard-pan soil conditions. It contains a unique blend of high-quality elements that break down sodium and other substances clogging the soil. A septic drainer helps revive failing drain fields without costly excavation and replacement by restoring the soil’s natural permeability.

Benefits of Using Septic Drainer

  1. Cost-Effective: Septic Drainer eliminates the need for expensive drain field replacement by treating the soil in situ. Homeowners save thousands of dollars in repair expenses.
  2. Convenient: The product is easy to apply, with detailed instructions for homeowners, contractors, and septic professionals.
  3. Dependable: Septic drainers have been used successfully for decades, using ingredients that farmers have trusted for over 50 years.

Septic Drain Field Repair Kits

For more severe or extensive drain field problems, RCS II, Inc. offers specialized septic drain field repair kits. These kits are tailored to address different soil types and levels of system failure, providing targeted solutions for restoring drainage.

Standard Drain Field Repair Kit

Designed for moderately failed systems, this kit includes:

  • Septic Drainer: Breaks up and treats clogged soil.
  • Bio-Septic Boost: A bio-stimulant nutrient made from kelp that enhances bacterial activity, helping to break down organic matter more efficiently.

Mega Drain Field Repair Kit

Ideal for older systems or those with severe failures, the Mega Kit includes:

  • Septic Drainer: For treating hard-pan soils impacted by sodium.
  • Bio-Septic Boost: Upsurges the activity level of aerobic bacteria that consume bio-mat.

Maintenance for Longevity

Regular maintenance is crucial for preventing drain field problems and extending the life of a septic system. RCS II, Inc. offers a range of maintenance kits designed to keep septic systems functioning optimally.

Septic Maintenance Starter Kit

This kit provides a comprehensive solution for ongoing septic system care, including:

  • Septic Drainer: To maintain soil permeability.
  • Bio-Septic Boost: To sustain biological health and enhance microbial activity.

Using this kit regularly helps prevent costly repairs and prolongs the septic system’s life.

Addressing Bio-Mat Issues

Bio-mat formation is a common symptom of drain field failure but not the primary cause. Bio-mat, a layer of anaerobic bacteria and organic matter, can clog soil pores and impede drainage. Addressing this issue requires a two-step approach:

  1. Restore Airflow: Septic Drainer opens the soil, allowing for better airflow and oxygen penetration.
  2. Introduce Aerobic Bacteria: Adding the correct strain of aerobic bacteria helps to consume the bio-mat, restoring proper drainage.

Adding Bio-Septic Boost, a nutrient that increases bacterial activity, further aids in breaking down bio-mat and improving soil health.

Comprehensive Septic System Care

Septic system care extends beyond fixing immediate problems. It involves a proactive approach to maintenance and quality products designed to support long-term system health.

Long-Term Maintenance Kits

RCS II, Inc. provides a one-year supply maintenance kit that simplifies septic system care. This kit includes:

  • Septic Drainer: Applied directly to the toilet, it maintains soil permeability.
  • Bio-Septic Boost: Enhances microbial activity, ensuring the system’s biological health.

Regularly using these products helps prevent future failures and ensures the system functions efficiently.

Subscription Services

RCS II, Inc. offers a subscription service for their maintenance starter kit for added convenience. This service provides a six-month septic drainer and bio-septic boost supply, delivered regularly to ensure continuous system care. Subscribers benefit from reduced costs and the assurance of consistent maintenance.


Fixing septic drain field problems no longer requires invasive and costly methods. Advanced techniques and products like Septic Drainer and comprehensive repair kits from RCS II, Inc. offer effective, convenient, and affordable solutions. By understanding the causes of drain field failure and utilizing these innovative products, homeowners can maintain a healthy septic system and avoid the disruptions and expenses associated with septic failures. Regular maintenance and high-quality additives ensure septic systems’ longevity and optimal performance for years.