Looking for some simple, cost-effective septic system maintenance hacks? Well for starters, Septic Drainer recommends having your septic system pumped and inspected every two to three years as part of your ongoing septic maintenance. To further extend the life of your septic system, add one gallon of Septic Drainer every six months to keep your drain field open and draining correctly.

The U.S. EPA says the average life of a septic drain field is 8 to 10 years, but by using Septic Drainer and practicing regular septic maintenance, you can extend the life of your system for a lifetime or more. Septic Drainer is a member of the National Waste Water Haulers Association, because they promote regular septic maintenance. Septic Drainer can restore a failed drain field by using four gallons of Septic Drainer for an average system. It’s one of those rare septic system maintenance hacks that’s worth its weight in gold.

Septic Drainer is available at some ACE, TrueValue, Agway and Do-it Best hardware stores and online at www.septicdrainer.com. Also be sure to check out another of our great products, Bio-Septic Boost! It’s an excellent companion product to Septic Drainer and an important part of our overall care package.

septic system maintenance hacks