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Septic Drainer Repair Kit - 4 Gallons SD and 1 Qt Bio-Septic Boost for Drain Field Repair and Maintenance Kit for Hassle-Free System Care
Our number one selling, all natural, professionally recommended kit for restoring drainage in ‘moderately’ failed leach fields, drain fields, chamber and drip systems in clay soils, and sandy loam or fine sand soils. Need results? Septic Drainer ‘Really’ Works!
  • All kits include easy to follow instructions
  • Septic Drainer breaks up and treats the clogged soil unlike most products
  • All kits also include scientifically engineered Bio-Septic Boost which makes existing essential waste eating bacteria multiply a thousand-fold.
  • Eliminate foul smelling, saturated spots in the lawn
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Septic Drainer Field Repair and Maintenance Kit – One Year Supply (2 Gal SD+ 1 Qt Bio-Septic Boost)
Discover the ultimate solution for septic system longevity with our Septic System Tank and Drain Field Repair and Maintenance Kit – a comprehensive one-year supply designed to save you from costly repairs. Safeguard your septic system by adding this kit directly to your toilet, making annual maintenance effortless. Extend the life of your septic system, avoid unexpected expenses, and ensure optimal functionality. Invest in the Septic Drainer Maintenance Kit for worry-free septic system care. Key Features:
  • All-inclusive one-year supply for septic system and drain-field maintenance.
  • Easy-to-use – simply add directly to your toilet.
  • Prolongs the life of your septic system.
  • Guards against costly repairs.
  • Includes 2 Gallons of Septic Drainer (1 gal every 6 mos) for effective treatment.
  • Contains 1 Quart of Bio-Septic Boost (2.5oz once a month) to enhance microbial activity.
  • Essential for an annual septic system maintenance program.
  • Adds years of life to your septic system, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Septic Maintenance Starter Kit - Includes 1 gal. of Septic Drainer drain-field treatment and 1 Qt Bio-Septic Boost to enhance septic system tank biological health. Includes a septic tank location marker for convenience
Discover the ultimate solution to septic system woes with our Septic Maintenance Starter Kit. Maintain your septic system system, prevent costly repairs, and extend its lifespan. This all-inclusive kit includes one gallon of powerful Septic Drainer, 1 pt of Bio-Septic Boost, and a septic tank location marker. Don’t let your system suffer – take proactive measures now!
  • Maintain your septic systems
  • Improve system flow
  • Prevent costly repairs and disruptions
  • One gallon of Septic Drainer for effective treatment of drain field
  • 1 Qt Bio-Septic Boost enhances biological health
  • Includes a septic tank location marker for convenience
If your system is failing we recommend our SDRkit or our Mega Kit
Septic Drainer Repair Kit - 4 Gallons SD for Drain Field Repair
One Gallon of SD | Prevents Failures | Three-Six Month Supply
Bio-Septic-Boost-One-Year-Supply-768x538 (bsb1qrt)
2.5 ounces is equal to ten boxes of bacteria Made from Sea Kelp a proven biological stimulant The best value of any septic treatment

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