septic system quizYou may know where it is in your yard, or basically what it’s for, but how much do you know about your septic system?  Take our Septic System Quiz and see how you score:

True of False:

  • If you fail to maintain your system, failure is guaranteed.
    • TRUE: Like every other part of your home or business, septic system maintenance is key to keeping your system healthy and functioning efficiently!
  • 90% of septic failures are due to soil failure.
    • TRUE: Over time, sodium (salt) builds up in the soil around your drain and leach field, creating a layer of concrete-hard dirt around your drainage pipes!
  • There are warning signs of septic failure that most people don’t recognize as a symptom of septic failure.
    • TRUE: We all know that that odors in the yard or raw sewage floating on the surface of the ground is a symptom, but did you know that if your bathtub holds water and won’t drain, it may also be because of your septic drain system?
  • Flushing things like coffee grounds, paper towels, dental floss and cigarette butts can greatly increase your risk of septic issues.
    • TRUE: Introducing these types of items to your septic system will decrease the capacity of your system, and things like grease can clog the pipes.
  • Sodium binds with soil and creates hardpan, which impairs drainage.
    • TRUE: Hardened calcium carbonate deposits form when minerals leach from the upper layer of soil and chemically bond to one another.

Warning Signs

We have all at some point in our lives experienced the one-of-a-kind smell of a septic tank. Even if you’ve just followed a pump truck, you would recognize that smell anywhere. The waste that makes up that smell belongs outside under the ground, not in your bathtub or your sink.

If your drains are starting to slow, or your backyard looks like you are adding a pond to your landscape, these are not signs to ignore! If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, take action before it backs up INTO your home. These are all signs that the drain field is not draining properly and needs attention.

Now that you’ve taken our septic system quiz, here is some good news:

  • Septic Drainer can restore your drain field by driving out the sodium and aerating the soil.
  • Septic Drainer can save you thousands. It is a small investment to keep your drain field functioning correctly.
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