After seeing ads on TV and in magazines, many people wonder, “Should I Add Chemicals To My Septic System?” Some states have an approved list of chemicals available, although just because they have an approved list does not mean your system needs chemical treatments.

When you have your septic system pumped, you need to ask your technician questions on how your system is operating. An educated system inspector will be able to tell you if chemicals will help your system.

There are some legitimate reasons to add chemicals to your system. Dish and laundry soaps are very concentrated. These soaps diminish the amount of natural bacteria and enzymes that help breakdown solids and foods that enter the tank.

With this being said, if your technician informs you that the contents in your tank is very thick, then a chemical could assist with breaking this down during scheduled pumping. A properly maintained and operating system should not need chemicals to function, according to the Dept. of Environmental Protection.

Again, what seems to be my most asked question is: If the drain field is not leaching correctly, should I add chemicals to my septic system? The answer is yes!

In leach fields and cesspools, what happens over time is a bio-mat will form. This is a thick, black tar-like substance that prevents the system from draining efficiently. A trained technician can add certain chemicals directly into the system. These environmentally safe chemicals will break down the bio-mat and allow the leach field to operate.

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