If you have yard wet spots, you may be experiencing septic failure. We would consider yard wet spots stage three in a septic system’s four stages of failure. You may see a black, slimy substance called bio-mat. Your septic field repair system is not 100% failed at stage three, but stage four is not far off. It’s important in this case to take immediate action before the problem worsens.


You can restore a system that’s even at stage-four failure by following our instructions, such as having the tank, distribution box and field lines or drywall pumped out. After that, our products can handle the rest. Add the correct amount of our products: Septic Drainer (4 gallons per 200 feet of drain field lines, in the lines themselves or a 1,000-gallon drywell) and add 1/2 quart of Bio-Septic Boost in the tank. That’s all it takes to get your system going again, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Read more at septicdrainer.com and be sure to try another of our great products, Bio-Septic Boost! It’s an excellent companion to Septic Drainer and an important part of our overall septic field repair system care package. Try both today and see what a difference these remarkable products will make!