Septic Drain Field Failure

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Is your septic tank backing up? Learn about septic drain field failure, why septic systems fail, and how to repair a septic drain field.90% of septic system problems are due to septic drain field failure in the soil

The Truth about Septic Drain Field Failure & Septic System Problems:

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA),
90% of septic systems stop working because of septic drain field failure.

That’s Right! 90% of the time the US EPA, an agency that regulates over 78 million septic systems annually, clearly states that the septic problem is:

  • It’s not the septic tank
  • It’s not the bacteria/enzymes inside the tank
  • It’s not the distribution box
  • It’s not ANY of the septic system hardware

90% of the time the Reason Why You have Septic Problems is a soil failure in your drain field!