Wondering if your septic tank is not draining?

Some of the signs that your septic drain field may be clogged or failing are easy to spot:

1. Wet Spots On Lawns

Puddles and damp spots on your lawn or raw sewage floating to the surface of your lawn is definitely a symptom of a clogged septic drain field or septic drain tank.

2. Septic Odors

If you detect a lingering smells of septic odor on your property or coming from your household drains, this is another sign of a clogged septic drain field or failing system.

3. Slow Running Drains

If you have multiple issues with slow draining sinks, tubs and toilets, this is a sign that your septic drain field is clogged or failing.

  • Sinks Take Forever To Drain
  • Toilets Over Flow / Don’t Flush
  • Bathtubs Hold Water And Won’t Drain

FIX Clogged Septic Tank & Drain Field Problems

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, try Septic Drainer. It will treat the soil and not only prevent, but also reverse and restore your failed or septic drain field system to its full working condition!

SD-jugSeptic Drainer Will:

  • Restore a failed septic drain field.
  • Eliminate septic drain field problems, if used regularly.
  • Save you thousands of dollars by avoiding costly repairs to your septic drain field.
  • Extend the life of your septic system by years.

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