The Septic Drainer Story – Septic Drain Field Repair

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Septic Drain Field RepairRCS II, Inc was established in 2004 as a result of stumbling upon a formulation to repair a failed septic drain field and septic system problems. It was a well-known fact that septic systems fail because of something called Hard Pan Soil, which is produced when sodium combines with clay soil.

Chip Gauther, owner of Empire Sewer in Granville, NY, told me he had an ideal candidate for our treatment product. It was a retired couple on a fixed income in North Granville, NY. We contacted the homeowner, Ted Vogel (see Ted on our testimonial’s page), and gave it a try.  We began by adding some of the septic drain field repair formulation, but soon realized we needed to add more. Sure enough, we had success without months of waiting!

Once we tried the septic drain field repair on several other places, we knew we had something special. We named the product after the result: “Septic Drainer”, and then produced the first batch. We hired local marketing firm Pepe Productions of Glens Falls, NY, to create a logo, marketing brochures and several videos.

A Family Operated Business

Our first in-house septic drain field repair treatment production runs were done by my sons using a 30 gallon mixing tank and a hand pump. My sons have been a part of this company from the start. Curtis, who will be 18 this year and Andrew “AJ” Reynolds, who turns 16 this year, have been working summers at RCS II, Inc. since they were 11 and 13.

The company then went from ta 230-gallon mixing tank with a gravity-fed, four value manual manifold filling system, to an automatic air-operated two head filling machine with a 280 gallon mixing tank. Each summer my children produce enough product that we warehouse to sell throughout the coming year. Curtis and Andrew also work part time in the office taking and processing orders throughout the school year.

RCS II, Inc.

Understanding our product Septic Drainer only worked on the drain field issues of a septic system, I started to research the bacteria enzyme market.  After looking at several hundred bacterial enzyme based products we came to understand there are virtually millions of different strains of bacteria produced today. The reason?  Not all Bacteria can survive in the environment.  As a result, we chose a different path.  The University of Hawaii discovered a bio-stimulant nutrient made from Noni Juice. It actually stimulates the growth of natural occurring bacteria without the risk of not matching the Bacteria to the environment.  This compound is very inexpensive compared to septic bacteria sold in stores. We call it our product Bio-Septic Boost. We started selling Bio-Septic Boost in 2011.

In 2012, we added a product called Septi-Marker, which marks the location of septic system structures. This product is lawn mower safe and blends in with the environment.