Septic Drain Field Products Comparison

Septic Drain Field Products Comparison

With so many septic additives and treatments on the market you may have wondered what the differences are, which is best and how or if they will help restore your drain field.

Each of these products attempts to address drain field problems by tackling an aspect of the problem. Explore the differences below:

Biological Compatibility

Fixes Hard Pan Soil

Fixes Bio-Mat

Fixes Grease Build-Up


Septic Drainer

Bacterial Additives

• New Tech Bio
• Amerisep
• Lenzyme

Aeration Systems


Acid Treatments

• Arcan Septic Scrub
• Green Gobbler

Digging deeper

Let’s clarify what the differences are between the major products available and how each interacts with your septic system, drain field and the environment:

Adding bacteria to a septic system is a common DIY septic treatment. The aim is to speed the flow of waste through the septic system by adding more of the organisms which break the waste down. This is based on the belief that bacteria in a septic system die off and need to be replaced.

But in a healthy septic system the bacteria are able to reproduce naturally and efficiently process the waste in the system.

These products can help you eliminate Bio-Mat, but remember, Bio-Mat is a symptom of septic drain field failure and not the underlying cause of it.

There is a great deal of debate among professionals as to whether bacterial additives should be used or not, a quick Google search will show you that. But the real questions that should be asked are:

Why are the bacteria dying off in the first place?

And, will adding more bacteria into an environment that they can’t survive in really help?

With the millions of strains of bacteria in existence, how do you know you’re buying the correct strain for your septic environment?

Our product Bio-Septic Boost considered a Bio-Stimulant Nutrient has been proven to enhance the activity level of bacteria by as much as 50%, so why would you run the risk of adding the wrong bacteria to your system when you can enhance what’s already there?


Aeration systems seek to correct septic problems by altering your septic system’s basic design and converting the bacteria in it to aerobic instead of anaerobic.

These bacteria are more efficient at breaking down the waste in your tank and produce a finer effluent stream which is more easily absorbed into your drain field.

There are pros to this type of system but it is worthwhile to consider the cons:

Because they require that you add an aerator and several new lines they are the most costly and labor intensive approach to a failing septic system.

Further, the aerator runs on electricity which will add to your monthly bill. And because there are now more components to your septic system the repairs and maintenance become more costly.

Adding air can be beneficial in maintaining the biological health of system, however, if your system is flooded the air will not help. The leading cause of septic failure is Hard Pan Soil, adding Septic Drainer using our recommended procedures with remedy Hard Pan Soil.

The last and most important point to consider is: The US Environmental Protection Agency (which regulates millions of septic systems in the US) has stated that 90% of septic failures occur in the drain field, not your septic system.

So the question must be asked: if you are one of the 90%, how will altering your septic system fix your failing drain field?


Acid based additives are the center of much controversy as to their use and effectiveness.

They seek to solve the backup in your system by chemically burning away the accumulated bio-mat and other blockages.

What ends up happening as a side effect is that the acids also kill the beneficial bacteria that are the heart of your septic system. Without these bacteria your system cannot break down the waste coming into it effectively so you end up having to add bacteria back into your system.

Acids have been used to correct Bio-Mat in septic systems for years and work fairly well on Bio-Mat however these acids are made from sodium which, as you know have learned, is the leading cause of Septic Failure. If you decide to use or have used a sodium based product be sure you also add some Septic Drainer to counter the sodium you adding to your system

Acids can also cause corrosion in your system’s pipes and in the septic tank itself.

Lastly, these types of chemicals are often harmful to people and environments.


Money-back gurantees

Products that offer a money back guarantee do not pay your pumping costs and in some cases require you to nurse your system for up to six months before issuing a refund. With Septic Drainer and Bio-Septic Boost you know in four weeks whether your system is working, sometimes one or two lines will open while the others lag behind.

What makes Septic Drainer Different?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, a body responsible for regulating millions of septic systems, states that 90% of of septic failure occurs in the drain field, not the septic system itself.

Septic Drainer is a soil conditioner which means that it addresses the changes that occur in your drain field soil which prevent proper drainage of your system.

What happens is that salts and minerals in our diets, from our water softeners, from the medicines we take and from household cleaners and products bond with the soil in our drain fields to create what is called hard pan, an impermeable layer of rock-like soil that prevents wastewater from draining deeper into the ground.

When this layer of hard pan surrounds most or all of your leaching system it inhibits the flow of wastewater and results in foul odors, slow drainage, back-ups and septic failure.

Unlike other products on the market, Septic Drainer treats the soil in your drain field, going strait to the heart of the problem giving superior, lasting results.

Septic Drainer takes it a step further. Our Bio-Septic Boost product also dissolves any bio-mat build-up. Bio-mat is a symptom that comes from hard-pan soil and can contribute to septic failure.

Don’t take our word for it… take theirs:

“The septic drainer product has been incredible. It’s been able to restore the drain fields for me and make failed systems work.”
“The septic drainer product has been incredible. It’s been able to restore the drain fields for me and make failed systems work.”
“We discovered Septic Drainer and have been using it ever since. We’ve opened up many systems that just couldn’t be opened up.”
“We discovered Septic Drainer and have been using it ever since. We’ve opened up many systems that just couldn’t be opened up.”
“What I like about Septic Drainer is the confidence that I have in the product and the product’s ability to fix a drain field.”
“What I like about Septic Drainer is the confidence that I have in the product and the product’s ability to fix a drain field.”

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