Fall Septic Maintenance

With winter coming it is a great time to think about your septic systems's health. We always recommend pumping your system every two years, adding the property the proper additives is very important please under stand you have the biological health and the drain field soil health to be concerned with, Remember the EPA says 90% of septic failures happen in the drain field which usually is  as result of [...]

Septic Repair

Hey Mark Reynolds here to talk about septic repair. Did you know according to the USEPA that 90% of septic failures are in the drain field, leach field or seepage pit. Did you know there are many types of septic system's drainage systems? If you visit our website www.septicdrainer.com we you will see many of these types of septic drainage system's illustrated for you to better understand what system you [...]

Springtime Septic Care

Hey folks Mark Reynolds here to let you know its time to have your septic tank pumped. Septic pumping provides a few essential services for your septic system; 1) removes solids from your tank 2) enables an inspection opportunity, to check your tank for structural failures including being sure your baffles are intact 3) oxygenates the system You should consider a septic treatment such as adding a bio-stimulant nutrient to [...]

Septic Drain Field’s

Not all septic drain fields are the same but then again they are, here are a few examples of the different design types; 1) conventional type consisting of a two cambered septic tank, distribution box, stone, sand and perforated plastic piping. 2) raised mount system type consisting of a three cambered septic tank, the third chamber being a pump chamber, a raised system built up on sand, distribution box, stone, [...]

Septic Treatmemts

Hey Folks! Mark Reynolds here to talk about septic treatments and their impact on your septic system's biological and soil health. Septic Systems require biology and permeable soil to function. Adding harsh chemicals harms your system's biological health. For instance, someone on chemotherapy or using bleach in your toilet will destroy the active bacteria in the system. An oxygen deficient system can cause Aerobic Bacteria to die. Adding too much [...]

Septic Treatments Winter Time Schedule

Hey Folks Mark Reynolds here to talk about Septic Treatments. The worldwide web at times is a great resource for information, its like a 24/7 Hows it Made Show and for us information junkies its pretty cool. Your Septic System remains an average temperature of 55 degrees year round, the temperature is dependent on the depth of the system as well. In Alaska the average depth of a system is [...]

Septic Systems and Hygiene Wipes

Every time someone comes up with a new hygiene product humans benefit but the enviroment suffers in one way or the other. In the case of septic systems hygiene wipes are causing issues that recently affected a system at a local apartment building I ' am aware of. The wipes collected inside the drain lines causing grease to build up behind them causing a backup. I was told the expense [...]

Water Softeners and Septic Systems

Hey Mark Reynolds here to talk about your water softeners and the salt brine that discharges into your septic system.  It's a little known fact that salt can affect the performance of your septic system's drain field. When salt combines with the soil especially in clay soil it binds up preventing liquid percolation.  This condition is called Hard Pan Soil. The average homeowners discharges 56 lbs of sodium in a [...]