Septic Treatment Reseller & Wholesale Program

Are you looking to earn more and help more customers with their septic system problems? Become a Septic Drainer reseller and see what a difference it makes for your business. Septic Drainer is a safe, non-toxic, easy to use solution that will rejuvenate septic drain fields and leach fields. Its special formula is based on an agricultural product used by farmers for decades. It can even repair a failed septic system and get it running again smoothly. When your customers are introduced to this amazing product, they will keep ordering, because it works!

Contact us for information on our wholesale prices as well as to ask about our reseller program. We’ll give you all the information you need to get started. And for your own home, our wholesale pricing can offer excellent savings, allowing you to keep your septic drain field system running smoothly! Learn more about the many benefits of becoming a septic treatment reseller as well as a wholesale customer!

Also, be sure to check out another of our great products, Bio-Septic Boost! It is essential for nurturing healthy, active bacteria colonies in septic drain field soil. These bacteria are needed to break down waste and enable proper drainage. Using Septic Drainer, as well as Bio-Septic Boost, is your solution for septic success!

septic drain field treatment reseller