Food waste grease is a huge problem for waste professionals worldwide. Grease is considered organic matter and creates blockages and backups in waste collections systems across the globe. These blockages turn into overflows and environmental contamination on a very large scale. The human health risks are enormous with the spreading of disease from this waste product. This is the origin of Bio-Septic F.O.G.

Industry leaders have relied on tools ranging from physical removal to surfactants. These methods all send the grease elsewhere down the collection piping systems, leaving it for others to deal with. The average cost to pump a commercial grease trap is $300 to $500. Municipalities mandate that commercial eating establishments maintain their grease traps as often as once per month.

A New Idea For A New Era

RCS II, an upstate New York firm, has been involved in the municipal waste business for 32 years. The company sees food waste grease as a growing problem that needs serious ideas to solve these issues. Mark Reynolds, CEO of RCS II, saw this as an opportunity to provide a green solution to this growing problem.

After researching all the current chemical and biological remedies available today, Mark saw a compound with great promise. This compound is called a bio-stimulant nutrient (BSN). The University of Hawaii developed this bio-stimulant nutrient. Mark set out to use this compound in a new solution to the grease issue.

There was one problem, though: This compound would wash away and could not see the proper contact time. So to solve this issue, the fix was simple: Find a foam that was compatible with the BSN and the bacteria present in the environment.

To make this idea a reality, RCS II developed Bio-Septic F.O.G., as well as a small foam generator to apply the material, called a MS Mini Foam Generator. The U.S. government awarded RCS II a patent this year, recognizing the innovation behind this product.

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