Septic Drain Field RepairDo you need septic treatment? Your septic drain field is very important, because that’s where the wastewater is cleansed into the water table. If the drain field becomes clogged, it is important for you to start repairs with Septic Drainer. This will help get things restored, with the water being properly treated as intended.

What are the main symptoms that you need Septic System Treatment?

It can be tough to diagnose a septic drain field problem. Calcium carbonate deposits that form when minerals leach from the upper layers of soil and “chemically” bond to one another create Hardpan. When you have it, you can smell foul odors, or see wet spots. You may have slow drains throughout the house. You may even have flooding. These are all signs that you need to repair your drain field with Septic Drainer.

Septic System Treatment

Septic Drainer is the tried and true method of restoring your drain field. Farmers have used it for decades and it will help break the sodium bonds in your soil, making your drain field work again!

Also, be sure to try another of our great products, Bio-Septic Boost. It is a great companion to Septic Drainer and a key part of our comprehensive care package.