Learn how Septic Drainer septic system treatment restores your drain field!

After learning exactly Why Septic Systems Fail, you now know without question that 90% of septic drain field problems are due to “bad soil” around your drain and leach field.  But what you really need to know, more than ever, is that with our septic system treatment and repair product:

  • There is no need to dig up your old soil and replace it!
  • Septic Drainer will ‘refresh’ your soil, fix drain field problems and save you thousands!

For years now, farmers have been faced with the same drainage problems in agricultural fields that we experience in our septic drains and leach fields today. Hardpan soil, which doesn’t allow water to pass for plant roots to grow, can devastate crops and completely ruin an entire harvest. However, just as you can imagine from people who live off the land and put food on their family’s table by harvesting crops from the ground, they have a solution! Based on an agricultural formulation, Septic Drainer is a 100% non-toxic and easy to use soil remediate and septic solution.

So what is this ‘mystery ingredient’ that farmers have been using for over 50 years to keep their soil “breathing? They rely on liquid gypsum blended with proprietary ingredients to remedy their soil.

Sseptic system treatment with Septic Drainereptic Drainer is a septic drain field  additive that was developed from this age old remedy with only septic systems in mind. Septic Drainer is blended with the highest quality ingredients in a completely unique patent pending formula.

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We have spent countless man hours testing and retesting this formulation. We are finally releasing the fastest, safest and most effective way to maintain and/or restore a failed septic drain field.

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