Septic Repair Products

Choosing the right septic repair products for the correct applications is vital. The highest percentage of septic repair products sold today don’t address the underlying septic drain field problem; they are products such as bacteria, that work on a symptom of septic drain field failure called bio-mat. That’s only a partial solution to a much more extensive underlying problem.

When the air flow stops in the soil of the septic drain field, aerobic bacteria turns into anaerobic bacteria, creating Bio-mat. Hardpan soil, created when clay-based soil mixes with salts, causes this drainage problem. The process creates a thin layer of soil that prevents wastewater from draining, causing septic drain field failure. That’s why you need to treat the bio-mat and hardpan soil in order to restore function to your septic system.

Using four gallons of Septic Drainer poured directly in the septic drain field pipes is recommended. Septic Drainer can repair a septic drain field and you can help to maintain that septic drain field by adding a gallon every six months directly in your toilet. It will both save you thousands of dollars in septic drain field repair costs.

Also, be sure to use another of our great products, Bio-Septic Boost!