Any guesses? Besides your home, the most expensive repair would be your septic system’s drain field. That’s why keeping it running smoothly is absolutely critical, unless you want to foot the bill of repairs and other remediation methods.

More and more communities are requiring raised mound systems that are costing as much as $35,000. Usually a raised mount system is required, because the percolation rate or liquid draining capability of the soil is very low, mostly in clay soils. It’s a very expensive, and potentially unnecessary, step to take.

In my opinion, a raised mount system only raises the distance between the drain field and the bad soil (clay). Using Septic Drainer opens poorly draining soils by breaking the bond between the soil and sodium. Raised mound systems can be restored using Septic Drainer. Septic Drainer can prevent septic failure and help you avoid the most expensive home repair, just by adding a gallon once every six to 12 months!

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most expensive home repair
Mark Reynolds