regular septic maintenance

Hey, it’s Mark Reynolds here to talk about your septic system and the importance of regular septic maintenance.

Don’t end up like your neighbors, having their lawn dug up to replace a failed system, or worse yet, living on a lake and having to install a holding tank to be pumped. There are four things to consider with winter coming:

1. Pump your tank every two years and pump out your tank and drain field every five years. We can’t stress this enough, yet it is a key preventative maintenance task that is frequently ignored by homeowners.

2. Keep your septic system’s drain field or leach field draining at its optimal levels by adding our patented product, Septic Drainer.

3. Maintain the biological and bacterial health of your septic system and drain or leach field by adding another of our great septic system products, Bio-Septic Boost.

4. For easy locating later, mark your septic locations and structures using Septi-Marker.

Septic Drainer and Bio-Septic Boost are essential for regular septic maintenance; they can restore a failed system, as well as keep it from failing. Pick some up at your local hardware store, order from your septic professional or order online at Septic Drainer. Septic Drainer really works!