Septic Drain Field RepairSeptic systems are a great option for a home. But, if any part of the septic system stops working, the result is often a plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention.

The system can become clogged and the septic drain field can fail. This is common if too much water is running through the septic tank at all times, since the walls never get the chance to dry. Due to the excess water, a film of bacteria will grow and coat the edges of the drain field, which means that water cannot seep through these pipes and exit the system. In these cases you would need septic repair.

Some common symptoms that you need septic drain field repair include wet spots on the ground, noises coming from drains, or clogged plumbing. If you do have a septic system, try to conserve water as much as you can, and space out usage.

If you find yourself in need of drain field repair, before you dig up your yard or spend thousands of dollars installing a new system or drain field, repair your drain field and septic system with Septic Drainer. It is the most effective way to repair and restore a clogged or failing septic system. Also, be sure to check out another of our great products, Bio-Septic Boost!