Septic systems fail long before you ever see it or notice anything is wrong. But when you do see drain field wet spots on your lawn, then you really know you’re in trouble.

Septic drain fields come in many shapes and sizes. To better understand the type of system you have, try visiting Septic Drainer for great illustrations on the types of septic drain fields. If you notice wet spots on your lawn, that would be the third or fourth stage out of four in your septic drain field failure level. That’s when you know that it’s crucial to take action.

drain field wet spots

Sodium is the real problem. This sodium comes from salt fillers used in laundry detergents, sodium from our diets and last but not least, your water softener. Over time this sodium mixes with the soil, especially clay soils, to form “hard pan soil.” Hard pan is a thin hard layer that sits between the soil and stone or gravel. Hard pan soil prevents liquid waste from draining. Septic Drainer breaks up hard pan soil using a non-toxic, non-hazardous product that can restore or prevent septic drain field failure.

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