If you live in rural America, you’ve probably heard about septic systems. In addition here are some septic system tips and other useful things you need to know:

1) The location of your system.

2) The type of system you have.

3) An understanding of how a system works.

4) Accurate maintenance records.

Many folks have questions like:

1) How often should you pump your system?

Every two years is a good rule of thumb. Every five years you should pump your tank and flush out your drainage system.

2) Should you add additives?

For the biological health of the system, we recommend a bio-stimulant nutrient (BSN), which is the safe bet. There’s no need to match your septic environment to a specific type of bacteria additive. Pick the wrong bacteria and you might waste your money. Using a BSN is the safe bet.

For drain field soil health, use a soil conditioner to keep your soil draining properly. Remember, 90% of the septic failures happen in the soil of the drain field, according to the U.S. EPA.

Common Questions

3) Is it ok to build things on top of your system?

Building driveways, patios and pools, and planting trees, prevents access and compacts the soil, compromising your system.

4) Should you dispose of paper products, female hygiene products or handy wipes in a septic system?

Absolutely do not dispose of anything other than human waste or toilet tissue in your septic system.

5) Does adding harsh cleaning products or paint products negatively affect a septic system?

Yes, these chemicals destroy the biological health of your septic system. Do not use toilet chlorine cleaning dispensers, harsh cleaning chemicals or any other chemical in your septic system or you will have soil drainage issues.

For more information and septic system tips, visit www.septicdrainer.com

Mark Reynolds