A garbage disposal will grind up just about anything that could be harmful to your septic drain field and system before it goes down the drain, right? Well, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Even though a garbage disposal does take kitchen bits and turns them into smaller pieces, these little bits and pieces can add up over time and clog a septic tank and septic drain field. What follows is practical information you can use regarding garbage disposals and septic systems.

So What Should You Do?

Even if you’ve heard that it’s okay to let anything from your garbage disposal go down into your septic system and drain field, don’t fall into this bad habit. A better alternative is when you’re doing the dishes, scrape off the plate directly into your garbage.

If you find that bits and pieces of organic food matter has gotten into your garbage disposal, use baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice to make a cleaning solution that won’t harm the bacteria in your septic system, which are needed for it to work correctly. For garbage disposals and septic systems to work in harmony, you need every advantage you can get.

Regular Drain Field Maintenance is a Must

Regardless of whether you have a garbage disposal, keep in mind that all septic systems need to be maintained. At Septic Drainer, we recommend our Maintenance Kit program to keep your septic drain field and septic system in perfect order, along with periodically pumping the tank. And be sure to check out another of our great products, Bio-Septic Boost!