What Kind of Septic System Do I Have: Conventional Septic System

Do I have a conventional septic system?(Drain Field, Leach Field, Raised Bed or Pump Up)

  • Wastewater flows from the home or business into a septic tank.
  • Solids settle on the bottom of the tank, and less dense materials, such as grease, oils and soap, float to the top.
  • The liquid in the middle of the tank or wastewater flows out into a distribution box, which distributes the water into the septic drain field.
  • Baffles prevent grease, oil and soap from escaping into the septic drain field.

The septic drain field is a series of trenches lined with perforated pipes, covered by soil. The wastewater passes through holes in the pipes and leaches into the drain field soil, which acts as a natural filter.