What Kind of Septic System Do I Have: Conventional Septic System

Do I have a conventional septic system?(Drain Field, Leach Field, Raised Bed or Pump Up)

  • Wastewater flows from the home or business into a septic tank.
  • Solids settle on the bottom of the tank, and less dense materials, such as grease, oils and soap, float to the top.
  • The liquid in the middle of the tank or wastewater flows out into a distribution box, which distributes the water into the septic drain field.
  • Baffles prevent grease, oil and soap from escaping into the septic drain field.

A series of trenches lined with perforated pipes, covered by soil, comprise the septic drain field. The wastewater passes through holes in the pipes and leaches into the drain field soil, which acts as a natural filter.

Septic systems and cesspools both require regular pumping of sludge to maintain their proper functioning. How often pumping is required will depend upon tank capacity and the number of persons per household. We recommend performing this important maintenance task at least once every two years to ensure you remain free of problems.

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