Septic Distribution Box

Once in the Septic Tank, gravity then causes the liquefied sewage to flow to a small box known as the septic Distribution Box. By running liquefied sewage into this one box that has multiple out-pipes, you can spread the waste water evenly across your entire drain / leach field.

Once the waste water has entered the drain / leach field it then leaks out of small weep holes in the bottom of the drain field pipes. After making its way out of these drain pipes, the wastewater is then naturally filtered through dry soil until it once again becomes clean ground water.

And that’s it! As you can see there’s really not a whole lot to to the process.

  1. Waste water (sewage) drains from your home into your Septic Tank.
  2. Your Septic Tank turns solids into liquid through “Microbial Digestion.”
  3. Baffles in your septic tank separate and only allow liquids to flow out.
  4. Liquid Sewage flows from your Septic Tank to your “Distribution Box.”
  5. In the distribution box, waste water flows evenly into your Drain Field Pipes.
  6. The wastewater then drains from small weep holes in the drain field pipes deep into the ground.
  7. After the liquefied sewage (waste water) has filtered through 36 inches of bacteria colonized soil, it once again becomes clean ground water.

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