winter septic treatments

Hey folks, it’s Mark Reynolds from Septic Drainer here, to talk about winter septic treatments.

The internet at times is a great resource for information. It’s like a 24/7 “how’s it made show,” and for us information junkies, it’s pretty cool. So with that in mind, we’re proud to be a source of information on all things related to septic systems.

Your septic system remains at an average temperature of 55 degrees year round. The temperature is dependent on the depth of the system, as well. In Alaska, the average depth of a system is 20 feet, while our upstate New York depth is just 4 feet.

It’s just as important to maintain both the drain field soil and the biological heath your system in the winter. My recommendation for winter septic treatments is to add a gallon of Septic Drainer (soil conditioner) every six months and add 2.5 ounces of Bio-Septic Boost (biological health septic treatment) once per month. If you’re adding bacteria, that’s great, but by combining Bio-Septic Boost, it enhances the effectiveness of that bacteria by millions-fold.

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Happy Holidays!