With so many things that can cause septic drain field problems, and to avoid septic drain field repair, the best course of action when you suspect septic problems is to properly clean and maintain your drain field with Septic Drainer. Here are just a few septic drain field repair issues that could be disrupting your septic system:

  • It’s past due for pumping or septic drain field maintenance services. It is important to be on a regular schedule for septic tank maintenance to maintain the health of your septic system.
  • Tree roots. Trees can have root systems that go far beyond what a homeowner expected when they first planted a tree seedling. Roots can infiltrate a septic drain field and really cause a lot of trouble. Roots even tend to grow toward drain fields because it is their job to find water for the tree.
  • Grease. Homeowners should avoid putting grease down drains when they have septic systems, as the grease can cut off the oxygen in the drain field, making it unable to perform its function.
  • Outdated. Septic systems put in many years ago were not designed to handle the capacity of today’s modern homes and large families. Outdated septic systems may fail, and Septic Drainer can add years of life here.
  • Sludge Overload. Septic systems are more than just a tank for waste. They are a balanced system that uses bacteria to reduce sludge and sulfite buildup. Today’s households often use strong household cleaners that upset this balance and lead to septic drain field problems.
  • Vehicle Damage. The drain field and its associated piping are not built to sustain weight and can become easily damaged by vehicles parking on them. Even if the vehicle does not collapse the system, it can compact the soil causing drain field problems.

septic drain field problems


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