Hey folks, it’s Mark Reynolds here with an important spring septic care reminder. It’s time to have your septic tank pumped!

Regular septic pumping is an essential preventative maintenance task that often goes ignored by homeowners. That can be a costly mistake, since septic pumping provides a few critical services for your septic system:

1) Septic pumping removes solids from your tank. This helps the process of breaking down waste and ensures your system doesn’t overflow and/or fail.

2) It also enables an inspection opportunity to check your tank for structural failures, including being sure your baffles are intact.

3) Septic pumping also oxygenates the system, which aids the health and grow of beneficial bacteria needed to break down waste in your septic system.

You should also consider a septic treatment, such as adding a bio-stimulant nutrient to feed your bacteria with Bio-Septic Boost. And you should add a soil conditioner to keep your soil percolating, like Septic Drainer. Both products are an important part of our overall care package.

Give your septic professional a call today to assess spring septic care. Ask for a quote on septic pumping and inspection. Remember: You could be saving thousands of dollars tomorrow!

— Mark Reynolds, your septic guy!

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