Hey, it’s your Septic Drainer friends here to talk about Septic Additives.

Not all Leach Field Claeners are the same. We’ve all seen the X product ads on TV, and one good thing about them is they remind us about our septic system.

Caring for your system is vital if you want your system to last. When picking the best leach field claener, you should treat your system to prevent both soil failure and biological failure. Using a soil conditioner is vital, since soil failure is the the number-one reason for septic failure.

Septic bacteria is not a soil conditioner. Using a bio-stimulant nutrient or a bacterial-based product, or both, can prevent biological failures, which is the second-greatest reason for septic failure. Are all bacteria additives equal? No. It’s a good idea to look to see how many strands of bacteria are included with the product you’re purchasing. You’d be surprised to know the truth about the products you have been buying.

So in summary, yes it’s a good idea to use both a soil conditioner and a bacterial treatment to maintain your septic system. Also, don’t forget to have your system pumped every two years, and every five years have the entire system pumped and the drain field flushed-out with a hydro-cleaner. Be sure to add your soil conditioner and bacterial products.

Just don’t get caught sitting down on the job.

For more information visit www.septicdrainer.com or www.biosepticboost.com

Mark Reynolds