There are some misconceptions on the relationship between heavy rain and saturated septic leach septic treatment So in this blog, we’ll discuss these falsehoods and provide you with factual information you can utilize in the future.

The truth is, if a septic system is failing, heavy amounts of rain will only accentuate the problem, making the failure more noticeable. The heavy rain isn’t the real culprit; it’s really the failed septic system you need to worry about. Heavy rains that cause significant pooling near your septic drain field are a potential red flag that you need to take action, and quickly.

So with that being said, there are many steps you can take to avoid a failing septic system and drain field or leach field. For starters, remember to have your system pumped every two years and inspect the tank’s baffles. The baffles prevent solids from entering the drain field.

We also recommend adding Septic Drainer to maintain your drain field’s drain ability. We also recommend adding  Bio-Septic Boost  a bio-stimulant nutrient that maintains your system’s biological health. These products work together in synergy as part of our overall septic system care package. Interested in repairing your system or preventing failures? Click Here.

rain and septic drain fields