We receive calls all the time from folks who tell us their drain field is failing, because they have gotten a lot of rain, which must be the reason. I’d like to clear up some misconceptions and provide accurate information on the relationship between heavy rain and septic drain fields.

Heavy amounts of rain only accentuate the problem (makes the failure more noticeable). When a system fails, it’s usually not the tank or drainage piping, it’s the soil that fails. You can correct your system’s soil failure (learn more).

Believe it or not: If a failed septic system is taken out of service and sits idle long enough, it will correct itself. Unfortunately, folks do not have that ability to leave their system idle. But your soil can be repaired!

Remember to have your system pumped every two years and inspect the tank’s baffles. The baffles prevent solids from entering the drain field. Then adding a soil conditioner like Septic Drainer and a bio-stimulant nutrient like Bio-Septic Boost keeps your soil and the biology of your system running smoothly. Interested in repairing your system or preventing failures? Click Here.