Hey Folks, it’s Mark Reynolds here, with a little advice on whether to use self-dispensing toilet cleaners or not. We live in a time where people want easy solutions to routine tasks, so these products are increasing in popularity.

However, we do not recommend using any self-dispensing toilet cleaners, because of the frequency of use.

These cleaners have harsh chemicals that affect your system’s biological health. They may contain sulfates, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and phosphoric acid. These highly toxic chemicals trigger asthma attacks, irritate lungs and burn eyes, skin and internal organs. Imagine what they will do to the fragile bacteria in your septic system.

Using toilet cleaners on an occasional basis gives your system’s bacteria enough time to recover. However when you use a self-dispensing cleaner, the bacteria can’t do their job once the frequency that these chemicals are sent down the pipes increases. The bacteria can’t keep up with the extra amount of chemicals being flushed.

Try looking into using green cleaning products or at bare minimum, non-automatic toilet cleaners. Whatever your choice of cleaner may be, add a biological stimulant — like our Bio-Septic Boost — to increase the activity of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, further protecting your system’s biological health.

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