Hi, it’s Mark Reynolds here, to provide a few facts in hopes of dispelling some long-believed myths when it comes to septic drain field failure. A very common question is: Do tree roots create septic drain field failures?

Most tree roots require oxygen to live. Roots like a very hydroponic environment to prosper and won’t grow underwater. In conventional septic drain fields, the drain pipes have drain holes in the bottom of the pipes. Since roots need oxygen and mostly don’t grow underwater, roots will be hard-pressed to enter the pipes from the bottom drain holes, especially if they are underwater.

Now, if the roots permeate the top of the drainage pipes, they still won’t grow underwater. That’s not to say the roots can’t grow into the pipes while they are dry and then create a secondary failure after the soil failure. It can happen, so be aware.

When restoring a failed septic drain field it would be important to remove the roots, the bio-mat and any debris found in the drainage structures, using Septic Drainer and Bio-Septic Boost. This proven process will get your septic system back on track and will help prevent future problems.

tree roots

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