Hey, it’s Mark Reynolds here, to talk about water softeners and the salt brine that discharges into your septic system.

Water softeners are whole-house filtration systems that remove calcium and magnesium from your water supply through a process called ion exchange. These are the same minerals that cause water hardness and its negative effects in your home. Unfortunately the byproduct of the process is sodium, which can cause septic issues.

It’s a little-known fact that salt can affect the performance of your septic system’s drain field. When salt combines with the soil, especially in clay soil, it binds up causing Hard Pan, preventing liquid percolation. This condition is called hard pan soil. The average homeowner discharges 56 pounds of sodium in a septic system’s drain field per year. Water softeners will further add to the sodium problem.

Adding a soil conditioner like Septic Drainer prevents hard pan soil conditions, as well septic drain field failure from hard pan soil. So if you have a water softener, we recommend adding a gallon of Septic Drainer to your toilet or tank. This will offset the additional sodium released into your septic system, keeping your drain field working just as it should.

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Thank you,
Mark Reynolds

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