wet spots in the yard

Ever notice there are wet spots in your yard during or after a heavy rain, or after your septic system has had a lot of use?

Those wet spots are usually because your septic drain field is not draining properly. Over time a layer of soil forms, which is called hard pan. Hard pan is formed from combining sodium and soil, which later causes septic failures. There are a couple things you can do to repair your septic drain field:

One is simple septic system maintenance. Just add Septic Drainer directly in the drain field after pumping and cleaning out your drain field pipes.

The other potential method is spending a lot of money replacing your septic system. Is that the way you want to go?

Septic Drainer is a not a bacteria-based product! It is designed to work on repairing drain field soil conditions and it really works, including taking care of those wet spots in your yard! Order online or give us a call at 518-812-0000!

Also, be sure to check out another of our great products, Bio-Septic Boost! It’s an effective companion to our Septic Drainer product and an important part of our overall septic system care package.