Do you have a water softener? Did you know the average home with a water softener uses up to 50 pounds of salt (sodium) a year, which discharges into your septic system? That can cause big trouble.

Water softeners are whole-house filtration systems that remove calcium and magnesium from your water supply through a process called ion exchange. These are the same minerals that cause water hardness and its negative effects in your home. Unfortunately the byproduct of the process is sodium, which can cause septic issues.

The biggest contributing factor to septic failure is sodium. Sodium, when combined with the soil in a septic drain field, creates hardpan soil. The other sources of sodium are laundry detergents, as well as our diets and even the medications we take. Americans consume more salt in their diets per capita than most other countries in the world.

If you use water softeners, you should use a gallon of Septic Drainer every six to twelve months, poured directly in any household septic drain. This will help manage the increased levels of sodium the water softener is producing and sending into your septic system. Order online at or call 518-812-0000.