Fall Septic Maintenance Tips: It’s That Time Again

With every new season, there are important things you should do to keep your home's septic system healthy. So with summer now fading into memory, it's to time to consider some of our key fall septic maintenance tips. First and foremost, fall is a good time to have your system pumped and inspected. You should always pump your system every two years, and fall represents your last chance before the [...]

Septic Pumping: How Often Should I Get It Pumped?

You might never really think much about septic pumping, or where the waste goes when flushing a toilet or draining a kitchen sink. Most people with septic systems and septic drain fields are no different. How it all works is a mystery to most. The main misconception about septic systems is that they have a large tank that holds all that waste until a septic contractor with a large truck [...]