Are Self-Dispensing Toilet Cleaners Safe for Septic Systems?

Hey Folks, it's Mark Reynolds here, with a little advice on whether to use self-dispensing toilet cleaners or not. We live in a time where people want easy solutions to routine tasks, so these products are increasing in popularity. However, we do not recommend using any self-dispensing toilet cleaners, because of the frequency of use. These cleaners have harsh chemicals that affect your system's biological health. They may contain sulfates, [...]

Drain Field Repair Video

The Septic Drainer family of products offer the most cost-effective, reliable and environmentally safe method of rejuvenating septic systems and septic drain and leach fields. Our products can even repair failed septic systems and drain fields. This will potentially saving you thousands of dollars in costly home repairs. Check out this septic drain field repair video to learn more about how Septic Drainer can solve your septic failure problems, for [...]

Septic System Repairs – The Most Common Failures

Did you know that 90% of all septic system repairs happen in the drain field or leach field? Soil-related failures are the cause of most drain field failures and septic drain field problems. That's why it's so essential to make sure you take care of the soil and its bacteria, to keep your septic system working as it should. The good news is, it's not as hard as you might [...]

Septic Drainer Reviews: Another Satisfied Septic Drainer Customer!

We love hearing from customers who've experienced success with our suite of septic system maintenance and repair products. Check out another of our great Septic Drainer reviews! Thanks so much for the kind words, Shandra! We're so glad that we could provide the solution to your septic system problems. Read what Shandra had to say about the Septic Drainer solution: Remember, Septic Drainer and its companion product, Bio-Septic Boost, [...]

Wet Spots-Water Softener

If you have yard wet spots, you may be experiencing septic failure. We would consider yard wet spots stage three in a septic system's four stages of failure. You may see a black, slimy substance called bio-mat. Your septic field repair system is not 100% failed at stage three, but stage four is not far off. It's important in this case to take immediate action before the problem worsens. [...]

Locating Septic Structures With Septi-Marker

You're in for a crash course in the difficulties of locating septic structures when digging up your septic system to have it pumped, repaired or inspected for the first time. Rather than doing guesswork and unnecessarily damaging your yard, there's a much easier way of getting the job done. Septi-Marker is a great way to mark your important septic structures for future maintenance work. Septi-Marker is lawnmower-safe and makes locating [...]

Septic Drain Field Maintenance Is The Key To Septic System Longevity

Your septic drain field is the most important part of a septic system. This is the final spot during the wastewater treatment process; the drain field treats the waste from the septic system and eventually it is absorbed into the ground. Septic drain fields should be able to last anywhere from 25 to 35 years. Want to make sure your drain field lasts this long? Then you need to know [...]

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How Septic Drain Field Repair Can Literally Save You Thousands

Septic systems are a great option for a home. But, if any part of the septic system stops working, the result is often a plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention. The system can become clogged and the septic drain field can fail. This is common if too much water is running through the septic tank at all times, since the walls never get the chance to dry. Due to the [...]

Septic Pumping: How Often Should I Get It Pumped?

You might never really think much about septic pumping, or where the waste goes when flushing a toilet or draining a kitchen sink. Most people with septic systems and septic drain fields are no different. How it all works is a mystery to most. The main misconception about septic systems is that they have a large tank that holds all that waste until a septic contractor with a large truck [...]

How To Build A Drain Field Garden

If you have a septic system and drain field, you may feel like your septic drain field is a necessary waste of space, especially if you have a limited yard size. However, planting a garden on this area can not only improve the appearance of this space, but it can also help your septic drain system work at its highest capacity, by getting rid of the organics and soils that [...]